Interested in hacking? Looking for hackers’ forums. The internet is divided into three categories: Surface web (search engines, social media Facebook etc), Deep Web(consist of Govt and Institutional data) and lastly Dark web (consisting of Hacking and other illegal activities like selling private information).

The Dark web is center of all sort of criminal and illegal activities and is hidden from all search engines.It can only be accessed through anonymized browser like TOR.dark web is an aggregated swamp of illegal cyber activities such as child abuse, terrorist chats, ransom, identity theft, drug market, etc. From harmless social forums to heinous criminal activities, the Dark Web has almost everything.

Are you looking for best Hacker forum? Wanna know what swaps of dark webs they hide? Before you start, make sure you have secured and anonymized yourself using VPN. Next, you will need TOR browser to access hacking forums.

FreeHacks is one the largest and most popular website having Russia as its origin. It is based and is operated in Russia.

russian hackers forum


FreeHacks consist of following primary categories:

  • Hacker World News
  • Humor
  • Hacking and Security
  • Carding (stealing credit cards and cash them out on the web)
  • Botnet (a network of bots that is used to steal data and send spam content or email, or perform DDOS attacks)
  • Electronics and phreaking (phreaking is the process of trying to break the security network of someone)
  • Brutus (software used for cracking passwords)
  • DDOS (It involves overwhelming a server by sending constant requests and shut it down)
  • Programming
  • SEO Optimization
  • Web Development
  • Private Software
  • Malware and Exploits
  • Financial operations
  • Clothing market (It involves folks who buy and resell clothes using the stolen credit cards)
  • Blacklist (It is a community legal classification).
  • Documentation (driving licenses, passports, citizenships)

These sites are then are further divided into multiple subcategories. The site covers almost all type of activities possible on dark net.

Once you go through rigorous process of registration where you have to provide reason why you want to join community, what software development skills you have and wanna learn. Then you are provided with unlimited treasure of information.

You can find any type of hacker here and can perfect your hacking skills. A lot of the information on this forum is incredibly worrying, even if a lot of it is harmless 15-year-olds trying to be edgy and hack their friend’s phones. In any case, it’s important to know these communities exist. The dark underbelly of the internet isn’t going anywhere.