This section is for our VIP clients: The question most clients ask is whether it is safe to receive hack transfers especially when it involves high volume of money to avoid questioning from their banks or law enforcment LE, the answer is YES IT IS SAFE, we have been into this industry right from the days of AlphaBay, Evo Market, TradeRoute and lots more, so we have mastered our profession with the right sophisticated tools to ensure that our transactions are carried out smoothly without any hiccups.

Though the services might sound illegal to you but one thing for sure is most of the wealthy people you know or came across have some illegal means of making millions and billions of dollars coupled with their legitimate job to back them up. There’s a saying that says show me the length of a man wealth and i’ll tell the length of risk he took to acquire such wealth. Don’t be left out while others are taking advantage of this opportunity.

Legit bank transfer hacker

Be rest assured that our transfers are %100 safe to the receiver because we use a private IP as well as updated and sophisticated tools and software to execute our transactions and we delete transaction logs as soon as transfer completed. We are not answerable to USA Law Enforcement (LE) agencies however we do not share our customers personal information’s with anyone whether individual or Law Enforcement (LE) Agencies. 

Are you still in doubt ? Here’s a link about  bank hacking cyberheists .

$1 Billion Stolen by Hackers from Banks Around the World. Russian security company Kaspersky Lab yesterday claimed that a hacking ring has affected more than 100 banks in 30 countries over the past two years. The report says that hackers have stolen as much as $1 billion from banks around the world.



Our huge funding services for COMPANY’S, VIP’s, CELEBRITIES AND POLITICIANS varies depending on the amount been needed, We have handled huge amounts of transfer jobs for politicians in different parts of the world either in funding their political party campaigns or rallies as such their identity and anonymity is guaranteed. Our VIP prices starts from the list below:


$200,000 (VIP)  ======  $40,000
300,000 (VIP)    ======  $60,000
400,000 (VIP)    ======  $80,000
500,000 (VIP)    ======  $100,000
600,000 (VIP)    ======  $120,000
700,000 (VIP)    ======  $140,000
800,000 (VIP)    ======  $160,000
900,000 (VIP)    ======  $180,000
1,000,000 (VIP)   =====  $200,000


We charge %20 of the total transfer amount and we receive %10 upfront payment before we authorize transfer and the balance should be paid after receiver gets transfer.


We fund startup company’s that need financial step up to elevate their businesses.

We fund company’s that entered wrong contract deals and loss out huge amount of money to recuperate their business strength.

We fund high profile individuals and celebrities account to meet up with their public status.

We fund CEO’s company accounts to maintain their business level.

We fund individual and government contracts job.

We fund politicians parties and political parties

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  1. Gunnar P

    According to their slogan “Our word is our bond” they really keep to their word.

  2. Mateo

    My partner is China received and confirmed the money transfer of $400k bucks and my goods will be shipped in 1 week time. Thank you guys

  3. Aarav

    Best hackers here. I have been using their service for over 10 years and they have never disappointed me, yeah there can be delays but they definitely come through

  4. Dave

    just wanted to give a try

  5. Digen

    Thank you so much for helping me get off debt in such a clear and precise manner.

  6. Hilbert

    I gotta try this, please treat me nicely.

  7. Tom Cruise

    The service was great and didn’t take long getting my $700k.

  8. Skudda

    I am a professional baseball player and have a few cousins that a pro as well. I saw you mention that you are looking for celebrities to look the part, we’d be perfect candidates.

  9. Albert G.

    I will be availing this service soonest.

  10. Wayne Gills

    I wish to be included to the VIP customers, i’m on my 7th deal with this team i pray i get to this level soonest.

  11. George Brown K.

    I’m a CEO in a company in USA i fell into some wrong deals and noticed i was scammed by BEC scammers while trying to pay another manufacturing company working with my company. My business was going down and I bumped into this hackers, I was initially skeptical and scared due to the amount i needed. I ordered for $200,000 for trial and they came through i was assured and order for 2 million USD. they raised a contract and pending payment of 2 million USD was indicated the money came through which i just submitted the contract document to my bank and it was cleared without any hiccups. I am happy i’m on my feet again. Thanks one again.

  12. Serge Artse

    I read the reviews on this site and many had positive sentiments. I didn’t believe them – I thought it might be a hoax. I wanted to try it for myself thou skeptical.
    I saw a news here where North Korea president hack banks to fund his nuclear weapon i verified the source of the new and without hesitation i placed an order for $300,000 to my business account. behold my eyes couldn’t believe it a credit alert of $306,075 notification popped up and i now have full confidence in dealing with this hack team.

  13. Joseph

    Mike and his team are great, wonderful and great service no problems with high transfer.

  14. Zeynal Jafarov

    We have dealt with numerous hacking companies over the years but service from surpasses them all including rates and overall customer service. keep it up guys.

  15. Jaspal

    I used this team to pay $625,000 to a company for ordered goods and machines and they called and told me they receive the money. I’m very pleased with this professional services of theirs. I ‘m surely using you guys for all my bulk deals.

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