Advanced Carding Masterclass – UNIVERSAL



We will provide the following for this class as part of our Mentorship:

  • 1 X RDP (you will connect with AnyDesk, no TeamViewer don’t ask)
  • 3 X CCs


Advanced Carding Masterclass – UNIVERSAL

Advanced Carding Masterclass


Our time is precious, it’s more precious than yours because we are already engaged in such day-to-day activities so before buying a mentorship class we want our students to be somewhat familiar with carding terms if you have already tried carding but failed that’s the perfect spot, ideally, we want all our students to be in such spot before purchasing this course.

We will card 3 items with three CCs

  • 1 X E-Gift Card
  • 2 X Physical Items

You will have the option to keep 1 out of the three.

Carding currently, is NOT what it used to be in 2019 or before that so some level of brain cells and creative mind, and most of all PATIENCE is required for carding successfully if you will rush you will kill the card and end up wasting your time as you will have to start from scratch again!

NOTE: If you are a complete Newbie do NOT purchase this mentorship package, we recommend you first get familiar with carding basics, there are a lot of blog articles on our site that you read to get some level of basic understanding.


We will provide the following for this class as part of our Mentorship:

  • 1 X RDP (you will connect with AnyDesk, no TeamViewer don’t ask)
  • 3 X CC’s

You must have your own PREMIUM VPN like VYPR installed and running on your machine before connecting to our RDP via Anydesk.


We will card

1 X Gift card store

2 X Physical items such as Airpods Pro or anything under iPhone 8Plus.

You can either take the gift card worth $200 or else physical items, if you decide to keep physical items you will need your own drop, do not ask us to help you with a drop, we don’t sell drops nor do we help with creating drops.

If you will have any questions please Contact Us after placing your order.


After you purchase this mentorship we will add you in our skype for the desktop to desktop easy communication, if you do not have skype please download it, it’s very easy to set up skype in a matter of minutes.

Then we will arrange a time with you we will give you one hour the first day and 30 minutes thereafter every single day for the next 6 days.

So the total time for this class would be 4 Hours


  • Once you start the class it will last for the next 7 days, the first day we will give you 1 hour and then decide the time for the other 30 minutes classes for the next 6 days.
  • If you miss any day you will lose out for that day those 30 minutes will NOT be carried over.
  • We will only provide the items for our first class, you are very welcome to buy more cards from our shop and put what you have learned into practice.
  • If you decide to get a physical item such as AirPods Pro or iPhone 8Plus from the three items we will cards the first day, we will only be responsible for a successful shipped order, we will not be responsible if your order is shipped back due to a wrong drop address or if the courier leaves you were out the card.
  • We will give you unattended access to our RDP for a full 7 days after we finish the class so you can practice on your own.
  • we will give you access to a total of 10 SOCKS5.

Good Luck!


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